LOM.LV UZŅĒMUMS is a full range of services,
related to the collection, loading, sorting and transportation of scrap metal.

Please be advised that starting February 1, 2023, the scrap collection point will be open on Saturdays
from 09:00 to 13:00

Metal Scrap Reception

Receiving metal scrap is carried out at our platform, and we are buying metal scrap on the client`s territory. In this case we provide our transports and containers and, if necessary, a highly qualified dismantling team. Receiving platform works 8.00-17:00 from Monday to Friday. Weighing is carried out on our electronic sertified car scales, after which the quality of scrap and, accordingly, its price can be determined. The paperwork completes on the platform. Payment is made within 48 hours!

Metal scrap is purchased both from individuals (this requires an identity document and bank account number) and from legal entities. When purchasing scrap metal from an individual, income tax 10% is taken into account. For legal entities – the price of scrap metal does not include VAT (PVN).

Secondary ferrous metals (we are talking only about ferrous metals) are divided into two classes in terms of carbon content (steel scrap and waste and cast iron scrap and waste), into two categories in terms of the presence of alloying elements (A – carbon, B – alloyed), 28 types in terms of quality indicators and 67 groups in terms of content of alloying elements.

When accepting metal scrap, the standard percentage for clogging and processing of scrap metal (from 3% of total weight) is subtracted.

We do not accept the following products from individuals:

  • sewer manholes, railway rails, gas cylinders, road signs;
  • electrical and telecommunication wires;
  • water meters;
  • explosive objects, shells, sleeves;
  • cemetery implements, plates, fences, icons, crosses, tombstones, in whole or in part.

13.12.2011. MK noteikumi Nr.960 «Noteikumi par kārtību, kādā iepērk un realizē melno un krāsaino metālu atgriezumus un lūžņus un izsniedz licences metālu atgriezumu un lūžņu iepirkšanai Latvijā, kā arī par valsts nodevas likmi par licenci metālu atgriezumu un lūžņu iepirkšanai un valsts nodevas maksāšanas kārtību»

For more information: https://likumi.lv/ta/id/241854

Spilves street 6, Riga, Latvia, LV – 1055

Mob.tel.: 26 55 57 27
E-mail: andrej@lom.lv

SIA “LOM.LV UZŅĒMUMS” is located in Spilves street 6, Riga, Latvia, LV – 1055

About our company

LOM.LV UZŅĒMUMS provides a full range of services, related to, but not limited with collection, loading, sorting and transportation of scrap metal.

Scrap metal is purchased at agreed prices, which are settled in agreement with partners in Riga and Riga`s region.

Reception of scrap metal
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