LOM.LV UZŅĒMUMS is a full range of services,
related to the collection, loading, sorting and transportation of scrap metal.

Recycling and utilization

When the car is received, the client receives an official liquidation certificate and monetary compensation according to the weight of the car. Then the car will be taken off the register and disposed of according to all requirements of the Republic of Latvia.

To remove the car from the register you need a document proving the identity of the owner and technical passport of the car. In case the car owner is a legal entity, a power of attorney is required.

Information by phone: +371 25 80 87 23

Metal Scrap Recycling

Gas-flame (autogenous) cutting of metal structures, which appeared more than 100 years ago, still remains one of the effective technologies to bring scrap to the dimensions. In spite of manual labor, it remains in demand and indispensable. Remote and bulky metal structures (e.g. construction) are difficult and expensive to approach.

The growth of prices for gases, including cylinder oxygen, is quite compensated by the growth of metal scrap prices. The equipment for gas cutting is simple and non-expensive, very accessible and produced by many plants. In mobile conditions and for large-size massive metal scrap, autogenous cutting is very effective. The alternative to flame cutting is air-plasma and water cutting technologies.

About our company

LOM.LV UZŅĒMUMS provides a full range of services, related to, but not limited with collection, loading, sorting and transportation of scrap metal.

Scrap metal is purchased at agreed prices, which are settled in agreement with partners in Riga and Riga`s region.

Reception of scrap metal
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